The seventh season of “24” is quickly filtered to BitTorrent

season “24”

The first four episodes of the new season of 24 have made their way to BitTorrent, just a few hours before their premiere on TV. The fans of Jack Bauer had to wait a bit. Season seven was originally scheduled to be broadcast in early 2008, but was postponed for a year due to the scriptwriters’ strike. The wait is finally over.

Appearing a year later than planned, Fox’s new season of 24 will be presented tonight on American TV. Prepared three years and two months after the previous season of the events of 24: Redemption, characterizes a president for the first time. Viewers will see Kiefer Sutherland, playing counter-terrorist Jack Bauer, protecting the US from a breach in the government’s computer systems.

24 is traditionally one of the most successful series in BitTorrent. along with Heroes, Lost and Prison Break, each episode is downloaded more than a million times. The show has a reputation for leaks before each premiere.

Similar to the unscheduled appearance of the sixth season, the first four episodes of the new season were uploaded on several BItTorrent sites before the premiere. The source seems to be a promotional DVD sent by the studios to various media, TV editors and critics. According to the first reports, the quality of the copy is mediocre, unlike the high quality copies usually placed in BitTorrent. By the way, the leak seems to have also skipped The Scene, going first to the P2P network.

It is often believed that the leaks may be intentional, the issuers use them as a show promotion before the season starts. Although this is impossible to confirm, it would not be the first time it happens.

In 2007, a enior Warner Bros. executive admitted helping to filter the pilot episode of Pushing Daisies. The executive wanted to be sure that the show was “out there,” and that his goal was to “help the cause.” He did not raise it from his own hand, but he used a neighbor to do it.

The leak of these episodes of 24, intentional or not, have guaranteed a word of mouth promotion, and another free through the blogosphere. It will rather help the show before

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