The Prison Project for Pirates launches: Register your cell now!

The Prison Project for Pirates launches

Entertainment industry lobbyists are desperate to press for harsher anti-piracy legislation, which is implemented around the world. The Project for Pirate Prisons has followed these events closely and sees it as a business opportunity. He has opened his prison construction project to investors, while pirates are given the chance to register a cell in advance.

During the recent months. The RIAA, MPAA, and other anti-piracy teams have been lobbying for legislation to make it possible to disconnect repeat offenders from copyright on the Internet, with some success.

The RIAA announced that it will stop its massive campaign of legal actions and limit visits to the Court to a minimum. No surprise here. The lawsuits are expensive and the RIAA lost more than they would have liked, so they have diverted their attention instead to legislators, local governments and servers.

The new plan is to make legislation allow the entertainment industry to spy on the behavior of file sharers, and order their disconnection when they are suspected of repeated infractions. Ideally they would like to make the discharge a criminal offense of course, and this is what the Prison Project for the Pirates is anticipating.

. “Everyone is guilty in fact, since nobody wants to run out of Internet access, no matter what they do, everyone will end up going to jail. All of children, parents, friends and colleagues. We will all go to jail. ”

“This trend has led PPP to a giant business opportunity,” adds Dmitri, as he introduces his plans to build thousands of prisons where these Internet pirates can be housed. Investors can buy shares of these prisons to build, and pirates can have an opportunity to register a comfortable cell in advance. PPP currently offers three options:

  1. Purchase of shares.

You can invest in the new prisons that are going to be built, which is a solid investment according to PPP. 150 shares are currently quoted at $ 10,000., But people with a lower budget can get 2 shares for $ 200.

  1. Report someone.

If you know someone who pirates music, software or movies on the Internet, you can report it, and send them to the PPP website to register your cell in advance. There are several options to choose from, and early risers can get the best bites.

  1. Register a cell by yourself.

Last but not least, you can register a cell for your own story, and ensure a good time in prison, when you’re locked. If your budget allows you, you can register the “premium cell” package, the largest cell available, complete with Internet broadband.

We have contacted the leaders of the Project, who told us that they hope to make the RIAA or the MPAA one of the main investors. He is right, it is his future

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