The Happy Holidays eCards of the RIAA


Most people never heard of the RIAA (American Recording Industry Association), unless the anti-piracy team sued them for allegedly downloading music illegally. But even the RIAA has an affectionate and fun side, which unfortunately is only limited to those within the music industry.

Christmas is a time to share, something the RIAA is not very fond of. However, they sent greetings of congratulations to a select group of people. Instead of the traditional salutation card, to save some money they used an eCard instead. Apparently he’s not afraid of technology when he saves a few dollars.

One of the winners, who works at Sony, was kind enough to share the eCard with us, saying:

“I am one of the lucky ones to whom the RIAA sends them something that is not a cease and desist, or emails of judicial charges. This year they sent me a beautiful eCard. ”

It is a beauty, that kind of you.

“May the magnificent sound of music always be part of your vacation.” By the way, the bad thing is that they still require us to pay author fees if we want to sing the Christmas carols.

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