Rapidshare | Share files for free

Rapidshare | Share files for free

While there are web pages to host files, the most normal thing is that they charge you for using your bandwidth and space. Although it is the only way to earn money, there are places that do not force you to pay to host files and have free and paid versions so that anyone who needs to host information on the Internet can do so. One of the ones I would like to talk about is Rapidshare.com, founded in 2006, this page is the largest and fastest on the Internet in terms of hosting.

Everything can be verified, since Rapidshare has managed to enter the ranking of the 20 most visited pages on the Internet. With only 2 years of experience, I decided to see what Rapidshare really offers and the truth is that in the end I was quite impressed with how easy it is to browse their website and the great upload speed they have.

It has a Premium zone and a free one, so it did not cost me even one euro to try their service and the utilities they give to host files online. For those who are with an online business, they can use Premium accounts to improve storage capacity and bandwidth speed.

Rapidshare works perfectly even for people who prefer to use it for free. I have been able to upload five files to my account and they were stored in less than a minute, with a fairly slow connection to be realistic. The graphics and scripts used in certain parts of the web page are very attractive and it gives a very positive look because the people who browse are looking for professional styles and very easy to navigate.

The FAQ and the pages that talk about the company are very informative, especially talking about the use of premium accounts and technical problems. Apparently a lot of people have decided to use premium accounts due to the benefits it offers, the truth is that it is one of the best alternatives to P2P since you can find many series and movies on different pages that use RapidShare to share them.

The truth is that RapidShare has worked hard and much since he was born in 2006. And I am even able to congratulate the director and the person who invented the idea because it is very useful today for anyone who needs to share a file in a way fast and effective So useful is that many competitors have left, the second most famous is Megaupload but still has a way to go.

Keep in mind that the page does not have any type of advertising, which gives you the idea that the company is making a lot of money and does not need to rely on advertising to maintain it. Premium accounts are your gold mine.

Thanks to RapidShare I do not have to worry about someone hacking my documents, because I can upload and delete them instantly.

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