P2P researchers fear the fall of BitTorrent

fall of BitTorrent

BitTorrent is often considered as an indestructible force moving perabytes of data every day. However, it has its Achilles heel, and prominent P2P researchers warn that millions of downloads will stop if eight servers hosted in Sweden go offline.

Collecting statistics from a sample of 283,032 torrents with 52,634,707 connected pairs, he found that more than 50% of all torrents were tracked by The Pirate Bay.

In order to have an estimated security of the tracker’s load, a single person connected to three torrents is counted as three pairs. In the graph below, we see that approximately 5 million pairs are connected to a torrent that uses only The Pirate Bay. Another 5 million have more crawlers on the ad list, but use The Pirate Bay as the primary tracker. For the remaining The Pirate Bay torrents, it was added as an additional (external) tracker.

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