MovieX a BitTorrent tracker closed by the police.

Movie X Introduction

MovieX, a very large site BitTorrent, which made headlines last year for its controversial tracking policy has been closed by the ausrtalian police. The site, which is supposed to have around 400,000 users, is being blamed for the transfer of 14 million movies and TV shows. So far two people have been arrested.

Last year, the semiprivated site MovieX hit the front page of the news, accused of diverting broadband uploads from The Pirate Bay users to its own tracker. People who were not members of MovieX, had permission to upload files to MovieX members, but could not download from them. This fact was not noticed by a large proportion of the BitTorrent community.

MovieX a BitTorrent tracker closed by the police

Today, the site has major concerns. A press release from AFACT (Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft) has proclaimed the death of the huge site, but without naming it.

Now we can reveal exclusively that the site in question is MovieX, whose one of its founders is Branch of Brisbane. The domain currently shows this message and is still in operation:

ce that closed the site following an AFACT investigation, two people from Brisbane of the same family, one of 21 and another of 27 years (believed to be brothers), were arrested yesterday.

A bank account containing about AUS $ 54,000 (US $ 35,000) was frozen after the police alleged that the money came from the site. Researchers close to the survey say that the site generated around AUS $ 10,000 per month (US $ 6,450), since many users donated $ 10 per month for having VIP access to the direct download of the material, which was separate from the BitTorrent tracker site. . Another bank account connected to the site is currently under investigation. Computer equipment was also captured, which has a storage capacity of 2 terabytes.

“BitTorrent is a legitimate and efficient file-sharing software, but like any instrument, it can be used badly,” said Neil Gane, director of operations at AFACT.

Andrew Traucik who directed the Australian film Black Water has taken action, applauding the closure of the site. “Being a low budget film, I did not get much benefit and I expected to make some money for my efforts with the sale of the film. The fact that Black Water was hacked and was online a few days after it was disheartening. How are the producers of Austrian films going to live on our films, if people pirate them and can see them for free? ”

However, although the movie was available via MovieX, things are not as bad for Traucki as they appear. Recently in August of this year, Traucki said he was excited about the success of the film, commenting to DVDindustry, “We wanted to make a film with international attention and obviously we have achieved it”, noting that the film had “a great success”. sale”.

The penalty for crimes of copyright infringement in Australia is $ 60,000 and 5 years in prison for each offense.

We will tell more about this story when we have knowledge of it.

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