Mininova torrent downloads doubled to 7 billion in a year

Mininova torrent

The increase in the popularity of BitTorrent is still under development, with new users discovering every day that it is the fastest way to download large files online. One of the most frequented BitTorrent sites, Mininova, has seen double the number of downloads from 3.5 to 7 billion during 2008, and this amount continues to rise.

Mininova founded in January 2005, soon became one of the most successful sites. The site has grown steadily in recent months, and for a few weeks the now millions of users have been downloading more than 10 million files per day.

More users download more torrents, and every three or four months the site adds a million torrent downloads to its counter. Today, just a few days ago in 2009, Mininova is close to reaching 7 billion downloads, twice as much as a year ago.

The co-founder of Mininova, Niek told us that he expects this growth to continue during this year. “Traffic continues to grow according to Quantcast and Google Analytics. Unless something unexpected happens, I see no reason why this is going to be different in 2009. ”

Over the past few months, we reported on the trend of more artists and advertisers who are taking BitTorrent seriously, and Niek has noticed the same thing. “That is definitely true,” he said. “We have almost reached the amount of 1,000 active CD advertisers. We hope that the distribution of free content plays a fundamental role in music and in the video industry during this new year. ”

While existing Internet users continue to grow BitTorrent, more growth can be expected from emerging countries such as India. With only 5 million broadband subscribers, India is relatively a minor player. However, the government plans to increase this number to 50 million in 2012, an increase of 1,000%, and we hope that many of them are eager to use BitTorrent.

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