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since I was always creating and storing files for a long time, it was sometimes difficult for me to find a good place to store all important documents and media files in order to save disk space and for security reasons. I have abandoned my old file hosting account, in a certain account, because it is very slow to upload and sometimes inaccessible due to technical errors with the server. I also abandoned it because of the fear I had because of the viruses that infest my software copies, even if they were stored in my account.

Another problem I was having with my files, is being able to send them to other people online. Uploading really large files had become very complicated, since my email account was full of important emails and could not support a load of more than 10 MB. My friends also asked me why I did not change their commitment, since it cost them a lot of time to download from their email accounts. When I was about to abandon surfing the Internet, looking for ways to send large files, I found a Megaupload link.

This website really surprised me with its smooth graphics and the amount of buttons displayed on its homepage, which at first was skeptical about whether this would be the website I was looking for. I checked in your FAQ and of course, I found the answers to my questions and the solution to my problems sending files.

Megaupload is basically a file store and a web hosting service that millions of people use to store their files, regardless of size. I was amazed to know the answers, the effort the administration had made in trying to make Megaupload the most reliable online storage provider in the world. Of course there is a difference in privilege between free and premium users, but free services are perfect for those who, like me, upload and download files for personal matters. I was using the services of the website and frankly, I have not seen a better service than this for some time.

Another feature that I enjoy with Megaupload are the graphics and special effects installed every time I press a button, although this is not important for a normal user. Many sites just take time to refine their websites, to make them more interesting and fun for users, which would make more people visit those websites. Their characteristics are very interesting and fun to watch, and they are all on one page. I do not have to wait for another page to load, since everything is explained exhaustively on my own personal page as a Megaupload user. In short, I give this online store and web hosting server a rating of 10 out of 10.
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