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Browsing the Torrent files has always been a hobby of mine since I discovered its use and how to use clients like uTorrent. Not only can I sit and watch movies, anime, and games that I once thought I could only get by buying them at the store. I can instantly download all the movies and computer games that I can get through torrent and using uTorrent download them as real files.

The hard part of all this is looking for torrent sites that have good files in their database. Users who register with BitTorrent crawlers like The Pirate Bay, Mininova and Isohunt upload their files as peer-to-peer files for anyone who wants to download them on the Internet. Isohunt focuses on the P2P aspect of its services and aims to provide its users with torrent files that are of good quality and available to anyone wishing to download them from their servers. I have visited the website and I have not encountered any problems with their torrents. They are downloaded and work perfectly with a lot of people seeding and leeching constantly for the use of other people. These are the aspects that each torrent tracking site should have in mind. The torrents should be in good working order once they have been downloaded from the client and should be supported and analyzed by the users themselves.

There are some things about Isohunt that should be improved. Looking at the ads surrounding each page. I imagine that the funds come from the benefit that is obtained from the notices that border each page. They also have games, in which users can participate and winners get prizes such as iPods and other things that can be won. They should at least organize their pages so that torrent users for the first time do not feel intimidated and skeptical on the website, since other sites that have an excess of ads bother a lot of people. Also, each time a person clicks on a link in a torrent file, they should at least set their descriptive pages, with all the links that indicate the seeds they come from.

Isohunt | Looking for torrents easily

Anything, no matter how good it looks, takes place to improve, and Isohunt can do it to become an even more popular BitTorrent tracker. I still find the website a reliable source of torrent files. A lot of users find Isohunt a very friendly and interactive place, which also has games and forums for everyone who wants to participate. All that is required is a cleaning of your ads, links, and improvements to the site navigation, so that new users who are not familiar with the website do not have a bad time looking for the files and web pages they need.

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