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If you are legal?

Madrid netizens launch a counter-campaign on the Internet against the “criminalization” of P2P downloads

Madrid netizens have created a counter-campaign on the Internet against the “criminalization” of p2p downloads and “lies” about the intellectual property of the Ministry of Culture. Thus, the Hacktivistas.net platform ensures that the creation defends itself by sharing it, so they have developed a web

The promoters of this initiative point out that sharing culture on the Internet is “perfectly legal” in Spain, since “there is no ruling against any portal or user of P2P that has promoted or downloaded music or films protected by copyright”.

“In addition, in 2006, the Attorney General’s Office established that sharing music or movies can not be criminally prosecuted, and that the mere fact of downloading them is protected by the right of private copying, a right that we must continue to exercise and demand. By civil means it is impossible to sue you because it would be illegal for a civil matter to reveal who is behind your IP, “they add.

On the other hand, the promoters of the counter campaign indicate that the studies carried out by independent entities show that the imposition with respect to the canon is “far above what it should be”, in addition to “there is no clarity neither in the collection nor in the distribution of the money collected by entities such as SGAE “.

“Behind a few authors and artists, there is an industry that profits from scandalous percentages, exploits them and abandons them when they leave the line, but the vast majority of artists and authors do not benefit from that industry and have contributed to the creation of a new cultural model that has greatly benefited them; P2P and Internet have allowed authors and artists to professionalize and consolidate, offering new business models without having to be plundered by cultural managers or record companies with an obsolete business model, which makes that obsolete industry is trying modify laws to annul liberties and penalize the right of access to culture, “they say.

In addition, the activists said that only in the campaign “If you are legal, you are legal”, the Ministry of Culture has spent more than one and a half million euros of public funds. “The official website of the campaign is full of lies, and has already been criticized by several citizen associations. Among others, FACUA, a consumer association, maintains that the campaign not only spreads lies and goes against the citizens but that it is illegal, “they say.

Finally, the creators of the counter campaign warn that downloading music from the Internet is not piracy. “From the time of the cassettes campaigns were made announcing that the copy of these would bankrupt the industry, then this happened with the CDs and now with the p2p. If it had not been for the knowledge that was distributed through the copies of these cassettes, surely musicians like RamoncĂ­n would not have been able to make a single musical theme, “they conclude.

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