Axxo sends us an anti-piracy warning


Some say that you can code a package of DVDs in seconds using only the teeth, and that you can command an armada of millions with just one NFO. All we know is that it is called aXXo and that he / she / they have a security warning for their worshipers.

The relatively silent aXXo has reappeared in recent days. Speaking with Mininova users, he sent a tip to mitigate the effects of what it means is a potential security risk. The problem could cause the downloads to be slower or even worse, he warns us.

Not long ago we published a technique to bring some dead torrents back to life. Basically it’s about adding new crawler URLs to an existing torrent, so that it’s possible to crawl the same content across multiple crawlers. However it seems that some people have been adding other crawlers to new aXXo torrents everyday (probably to try to speed up downloads), with unpredictable results.

“I’ve seen in the comments section of Mininova that some users are telling each other to add crawlers to a torrent. Adding crawlers to a torrent that was not included in the original output is the worst thing a user can do, “said aXXo, commenting on one of his last appearances. “Those trackers do not know what the real pieces of the file are, nor who has the real ones, the information they send to the clients is wrong and the download can be damaged.”

Although it is not very clear what aXXo is telling us from above, then it is clarified. He explains that other crawler URLs that people add to torrents may not be tracking exactly the right content. The peers can send data in poor condition, to prevent downloading people, a tactic favored by companies that fight piracy, such as MediaDefender. Its effectiveness with these methods in several torrent sites was made public last year.

“There are specialists manipulating torrents out there,” says aXXo, who does not mention names, but warns “Beautiful server cards are prepared for those pairs that follow this technique”

“This is my advice,” says aXXo, “Take it or leave it.”

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